Friday, June 24, 2016

Flashback Friday

"I inadvertently erased today's Flashback Friday yesterday, so I had to scramble to find a replacement post.  I headed back four years ago for this entry.  I chose it mostly because I had my anniversary in early June and I won't tell you if I remembered it or not - some things are best left unsaid.  So, without further adieu, a repost from April 2011 commemorating an event over thirty years ago."  MB  

Last month we had the pleasure and privilege to attend our daughter's marriage to Drew. Besides being part of a 'last milestone', it was especially exciting and delightful to see our friends. Many of these friends had attended an earlier wedding of a few years ago. Quite a few. Here, for your amusement are pictures of an earlier time and another remarkable wedding. Next week's Flashback will feature some of the reception pictures.

Dad and I.

Best man, the eminent Dr. Dan Kolbow.

The fateful sealing of the deal.

Nancy's sister, Patti, Dan and the newlyweds.

Brother Phil, herb, Me, Dan and brother Mark.

"Yikes, what have I done", she whispered?

Yikes, what have I done, he thought?

Parents of the couple.

Who are all these people?

What a doof. 

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