Friday, August 5, 2016

Flashback Friday

Here are The Boys; like three sphinxes: emotionless, enigmatic, albeit without the longevity, this picture is another one of those godawful posed ones where, presumably, Marj wanted a pic of us at Christmas. Before I begin, could the above sentence be any word, grammatically speaking?  A semicolon and colon!  

Date unknown, probably college years.   The place is the living room of the Seaton homestead.  Nightime.  Christmas season, presents behind us.  A couple things I will point out.  Look at the seeming disparity of dress between all three of us.  The Wombie is shirtless, Phil is sporting long sleeves and full winter dress, while I am in shorts.  The second thing is the total uselessness of Polaroid cameras to discern all the features in a picture.  The sensors must have been primitive - here you can see us fine but you can't see much of the Christmas tree behind us.  

Thirdly, see the decorative glass swirl object on the coffee table to the right of the picture?  That is something that Marj found somewhere and is probably lost for good somewhere in time.  She had three or four glass pieces through the years that become iconic in the house.  The current Mrs. Blythe's cat knocked one off and ruined it years ago (drat, you furry little ass-eating bastards),  and where the others are, well, I am assuming long gone.  The one above was as you can tell a one-of-a-kind item where,  naturally, no two are alike.  I, whenever I am in antique shops, still look for something that is identical in nature, but have yet to finad anything.  It is a personal Holy Grail, I guess, and every bit as elusive.  

Once again, a second in time frozen and unearthed.  Like the sphinxes, quiet and unmoving.  What would they have to say if you had the secret to unravel the past?  Grab one of your old, old pictures and see it for the first time.  

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