Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Barge In

This is actually the first part of the Barge In series.  Part 2 was last week.  Oh well, things have been jumbled and are slowly sorting themselves out.  

These were taken in Keithsburg when I was up in June and July.  There were no barges running this last time because of the level of the river.  

That will be all the barge action for awhile I suppose, unless they start running on Rosery Road here in Largo.  I am making plans for my return trip in a few weeks, so perhaps I can continue this strange fascination with the silent river workhorses.  The perfect night shot with these boats still eludes me so off I go.   Then again, maybe that shot with the lightening bolt is my Holy Grail.  Hmm.  No, there must be yet one more left in me.

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