Thursday, September 1, 2016

Head Out on the Highway, Looking For Adventure

Not all adventures are created equal.  Some are in-your-face incredible, others a more quiet, soul-enriching affair. with everything in between.  Mr. and Mrs. Wombie and myself were looking for a kind of holy grail of country roads, not haunted this time, but locally renowned for its navigation, or lack thereof. 

Our quest: Albino Road.  Somewhere north of Aledo turn right, go down a gravel road a ways, turn right again, and you'll find a cemetery.  Long ago, so says the lore, a family of albinos lived there and just down that lane is what is now referred to as Albino Road.  Generations of high school boys have taken their girlfriends there to scare them with the rough terrain.  Just before our trek, the Wombie was talking to some of his old work mates, one being a very young kid and he said he had been to Albino road not too long ago.  So, apparently it is still being used by kids today.   

Sadly to say, this stretch of road ends eventually.  But rest assured, we will be on the hunt for more - all you have to do is head out on the highway.  

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