Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

I changed my mind and have decided to post this Tuesday Tidbit today.  Just a few items today, and hopefully more next week.

Something that may never happen again, and who would have ever thought it would in the first place:  2 Smart cars parked in front of the restaurant Seaton, Illinois.  

Nice to see that Doc Kingry, one of my Dad's friends was recognized by the village of Seaton with this plaque.  Doc was the veterinarian in town, a bit odd, but a family friend, as were his kids.

A classmate of mine, Kathy Lemon Jackson died while I was up here.  We just happened to drive by Sugar Grove cemetery as they were preparing for that day's funeral.  

Hurricane Hermine made a bit of a splash in my neck of the woods while I was gone.  That's my son-in-law Drew helping motorists get their cars out of the too-deep streets.  I like how he's lifting his skirt in the last one.

Alfred and Norah posing for a picture to be sent to Papa.

I like this picture of Alfred in that classic pose after being busted for stealing someone's iPad.  

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