Friday, October 7, 2016

Flashback Friday

I'm being lazy today so I am reposting the very first Flashback Friday dated April 1, 2011.  

This is Sheriff Marvin showing how well he can play with four fingers.  Either that or he's giving someone a four finger gang sign.

Me on my 97 Kawi 1500.  Took this baby on 4 trips out of state in 2004.  Damn good bike.  We went to:

Trip 1:  Boscobel Wisconsin which hosts a Kawasaki bike rally yearly every Father's Day weekend.  Travelled with Stewart (Mecmo) Nyi and Pick Foster.

Trip 2: The Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, up to Wyoming, then home in the rain.

Trip 3:  Trip to South Dakota: Deadwood and Mount Rushmore.

Trip 4:  Eureka Springs, Arkansas to National Kawi Bike Rally. 

A total of 7,000 miles in one summer. Only trouble was I needed to change a tire in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Me and Michael in Pat Johnson's pool in Knoxville.  Old friend, (old signifying when I started work at MDH and not Pat's age) Pat Johnson took this pic.

Me trailing the little guy on his battery operated 4-wheeler.

A happy Michael.  Happiest time in my life?  Had to be when I met Michael and we played for a couple years in the old place on Chambers St. in Galesburg.  Both kids were still home, work was good and life was stable. I can even remember my happiest weekend.  July 4th weekend 2006: Brendan came home on leave and wore his dress uni to a car show in Kewanee.  Michael rode home with me in Baby, stopped at DQ with everyone, then had cookout and fireworks at Chambers.  A happy man with toys and a  happy family.   

Mark and Magic back in college days.  Magic was a pretty cool dog and was one of three Boxers we had growing up, the first being Archie, then Magic, followed by Samantha.

A picture of me right after running a 5K in Aledo during their Rhubarb Festival.  I didn't win, but I didn't lose either.  The older guy held his own, then spent the afternoon drinking beer at the local watering hole.

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