Monday, November 28, 2016

The Odd and Bizarre

Specialty shops aren't new down here:  surf shops, organic groceries,  tropical plants, you name it. Somewhere in this vast maze of stop-and-go dullery you can find about anything.  And what you can't find you can get on Amazon or Ebay.  But last week I was amazed at this strange little brew of a place in not too far from me.  

I'm not sure the name truly does it justice.  Let's take a look.

As you pull in you are greeted by the police-style mock up outlines in the parking lot.  But you are still in "normal-ville".  But beware, you are about to leave city limits.

Bottles of medicines, some were known by me, many were not.  This old used bottle of Mercurochrome brought back some memories.  This was the miracle ointment every mother used back in my time before Neosporin.

Trays of dental equipment that most likely inflicted pain of some degree on its victims.

Denture plasters.

Here we have a priest's traveling communion case.

Shower sign in a military oriented corner.

A young person's straight-jacket. 

A human skull made up to resemble a certain German fuhrer.

A barrel of old radio transistors.  If I could figure out what I'd do with them I'd get some, just for the hell of it.  Maybe Christmas gifts?

A prosthetic leg.

An unsettling piece of art.  If anyone must have this for their collection of let me know and I'll run over at get it for you - I suppose it is still there.  

I'm simply not sure.  

This brought back memories of "Frida the Frog Baby, She's No Ordinary Baby" of Mercer County Fair  fame back in the day.

This wall hanging was intriguing just because those rascally ancient Egyptians were a pretty fascinating bunch, but then I looked closer.  

This looks to be like one of those medieval devices where you were placed for some type of punishment.  I'm not sure what they are called.  And I am happy about that.

Outside amongst the larger items was this wind chime-thingy hanging around.  Art?  Nightmare?  Everything is for sale here.  

It was a bizarre experience and I felt a little voyeuristic walking around.  But I got over it.  A strange little shop that certainly was worth stopping by.  A little different from Bath and Body.  I'm still haunted by that Egyptian thing.

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