Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

While walking in the Waterboard parking lot I noticed this car.  Hmmm.  It looks like a Mustang but it is badged a Roush.  Ever heard of them?  Me either.  Apparently it is a manufacturer of high-performance equipment that buys Ford Mustangs, F-150's, and Focus cars, then rehabs them into muscle stuff.  Roush takes the stripped out shells and inserts their engines, interior and some exterior panels.  


(My physiological alarm bells were going off and I found the only non-occupied space in the whole child-infested place.)

Between Norah's school's Fall Festival and the city of Largo's Halloween Fun Fest this past weekend, I have decided I don't like kids after all.  It consisted of a Friday night walk to Ponce Elementary where all manner of child was dressed in all manner of things bobbing for marshmallows, ring toss, corn holing, sliding, jumping, running, and OH GOD.

And just when I thought it couldn't get worse the next morning I travel a few blocks to the Largo Park where a ticket line for Trick-or-Treat was a mile and a half long; where kids again were running, crying, climbing, dodging, sweating, heaving and dripping.  

I need adults.  Let's talk about anything adult.  Rivets, John Deere tractors, hemorrhoids, you name it, I'll be the most rapt person at the table.    


Not far off from a couple weeks in Northlandia.  Looking forward to a beer with some fun folks.  

Well, well.  What would Leota think, indeed?


FBI Director Comey:   Profile in Courage or  just a bungler?  Once again, depends on which side of the fence you are.


Dear Cub Fans, 

Well here we are, Tuesday morning.  Last 1 or 2 games of this years Series.  You aren't rookies to the big one anymore so I think it only fair to point out a couple things I noticed during the week.  This will help you next year when you return to the Series, which you will.  

Being a Met's fan I have been where you are.  We have been in 5 World Series ('69, '73, '86, '00, and '15) and lost three of them.  I feel your pain.  It hurts.  But it will ease next Spring when the new season begins.  While I have your attention, perhaps now would be a good time to tell you how a 12 year-old kid in Cubs Country became a Met.  I'm not sure now whether I was fed up with all the Cubs fanaticism (everyone in the family were Cubs rooter) or simply wanted to chart my own course.  Probably a combination of both.  One day I'd had enough and found the newspaper that came the day before.  I went to the National League standings and decided to pick the underdog.  I followed my finger to the last place team and there were the sad-sack Met's.  We have had a lot of down years but when we are good we're more lucky.  1969 Met's - all luck and some good pitching.  In 1973 we were 5 1/2 games behind the Cards on August 30th.  Beat 'em by 1 game at season's end.  Last year we were lucky.  Just had a superb 1 month run, and then this year we were mostly a .500 team till the last two weeks.  Who said I'd rather be lucky than good?

In the past week I checked in on Facebook more often than I usually do because I wanted to feel the enthusiasm and excitement you guys were experiencing.  Fun wasn't it?  It never gets old, in fact it gets even better.  It's like an adrenaline high that lasts a month.  

I did see some troubling things this past week from fans, however. I saw one Cub fan post a picture of an Indian's fan crying after a loss in game 2.  He wrote something snarky and condescending.  I saw one guy post a picture of George Custer with something along the lines of scalping the Indians.  For those not steeped in history, Custer and his troops were massacred at Little Big Horn.  I saw people blame umpiring, much like they have blamed goats, black cats and Steve Bartman.  

As you have undoubtedly learned one must respect your opponent and their fans.  While usually the best team wins, sometimes they don't.  You have the best team in baseball, except for this past week.  Respect that there are no curses, no one to blame except cold bats and sloppy fielding.  Also, I believe in Karma, and she can be a bitch.  Make fun of someone and that can and will turn on you like a nor-easter heading south.  

For the most part all you Cub fans have handled yourselves with dignity and the humility a 71 year drought warrants.  I am rooting for you and, when the Mets lose out next year, I'll be on your side again.  

Go Cubs! 


A Mary Davis co-worker liked telling us about her mother who was always willing to give unsolicited advice to those folks who prattle on about their kids and grandkids.

"No one will love your children more than you, and no one will like to hear about your kids as much as you."  Zing.


I've got good news and bad news.  The Good News: In a week this election cycle will end.  The Bad News:  It's still going to go on and on.  Email probes, more Weiner scandal, Huma relationships, and all the questioning in Congress about who is picked to do what job.  It. Will. Never. End.

On a lighter note all the issues that should be addressed will continue to be ignored.  


Longtime reader Tommy posted his preference for President and Vice President.  


Two of my besties at MDH are out doing great things.  Rebecca just returned from a trip to Italy which included many museums, and the Vatican.  Meanwhile, Pat just got home from her 20th Red Cross disaster deployment.  Good going guys, but someone's got to stay home with the kids.


And finally, just got back from Trick or Treating with the grandkidlings.  

Here is me and Alfred.  I'm the cute one.

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