Friday, December 2, 2016

Flashback Friday - Iliff Part 3

Iliff wasn't all studies and library.  There was time to shake the books and head out to see the local sights.  As my circle of friends grew I was able to explore the things that were pretty fun.  Actually, on weekends and days off from classes I think we covered the town and surrounding areas like a cold sweat.  None of us had much money so we found economical ways to get our kicks.  For instance, one time that I remember well and perhaps have mentioned before was a trip Jan and I took up into the mountains.  We had some wine, beer, and a small tray of cheese and snacks.  We found a pretty nice meadow up in the mountains with a small cool stream that ran through it.  We kept the wine and beer cool in the stream  and threw a blanket down and had a nice afternoon talking and looking at the beautiful vista.  Its was so much like some scene in a movie.    

I have no clue what was going on here.  I don't recall if it was my place or hers.  Looks like two beds were combined to make a big one but memory doesn't always serve one well after this long.

Jan over at my place.  That window behind her was a great place to see the snow coming down.  Two big roads, South University Boulevard and Iliff Avenue converged right out there and it was a pleasant way to spend some time.  

Strangely, this horrible picture was the only one I wrote notations on.  On the back it reads, "Picture by Hymie.  Jan in pain.  4/17/76"  Again, I have no idea what was going on.  

Polaroid film was expensive and to take these I either must have come into some new funds or I was just having fun.  Glad I did, though.

These are pictures I took from the passenger side of her car heading someplace.  If I had to guess, the top one may have been a side excursion either to Colorado Springs or Wyoming.  We went to both of those places; I don't remember why we went to Wyoming, but I think we had a car load.  We also took off once for Colorado Springs to see the Red Rocks amphitheater and just get out of town.  The bottom one may have been a trip to Pike's Peak.  Again, I'm not sure, I didn't have anything written on the backs.  Anyway, I love road trips.  

I've posted this picture before on the blog, so if it looks familiar, my apologies for being redundant.  We were headed somewhere, perhaps either Golden or Evergreen.  and stopped by this little bypass off the road to take in the snow but mild weather conditions.  The long hair reminds me of another Denver story.  See that hair?  Jan and I were downtown at a department store and we were both squatting down looking at something in the glass counter.  A saleslady approached from behind and asked, "Can I help you ladies?"

I recall my first plane ride: for Christmas break I took an Ozark Airlines flight to Peoria and then a train ride back.  Eddie Valverde was my buddy the final year and as you can surmise by his name he liked Mexican food.  We went somewhere that was supposedly one of the best in Denver for such cuisine.  Not being a fan of the stuff, I nevertheless liked a dessert bread that the name has escaped me.  Never had it since but it was really good.  You tore off a corner (it was triangular) and you pored a bit of honey into the cavity.  Yum.   

I had a roommate the second year.  Gary Thomas was a very nice older guy whom I liked a lot.  Genial, funny and we got a long just fine.  He didn't do much socializing - he had a wife at home while he was trying to start a new career.   The Calhoun boys went back to Mississippi,  the Filipino girl was never heard from again after my submarine accident in the Colorado River (don't ask).  Eddie Vee returned to California and is a businessman out there.  Jan and I talked by phone and letter occasionally after graduation but when I married, out of respect, she faded away.  

To one of the most often asked question directed to me:  no, I never went skiing.  You wouldn't believe the cost of one day of skiing when you add the lift pass, ski rental, outer clothes rental and add food and gas.  For us broke students we had to make do with other diversions.  

I'll be wrapping up Illiff sometime, most likely in January.  Stay tuned for the final chapter of a country kid on his own in the big city.  

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