Friday, December 16, 2016

Flashback Friday

I have combined two Christmas gatherings for today's Flashback Friday.  Years unknown.  The first set the tree is nestled in the corner where the organ usually resided.  I was usually the picture taker in the family.  Marj had a little camera but it was usually up to me to record the events.  

This old Poloroid has not withstood time very well and as you can see is degrading a bit.  Like me. 

Phil showing everyone his new John Wayne biography Santa brought him.  Is that Jason in the corner?  Or Courtney?  I can't tell.

This is Phil and Jeanne's kid, Courtney.  I don't think they sent away for him like it looks in this picture - I think they got him in the usual way.

The Wombie and Courtney having a mind-melding session.

Herb, Phil and Jeannie.  

Fast forward or back for another Christmas.  This year the squat little tree is in front of the picture window.  

The Wombie doing his happy dance sitting down.

Your blog writer looking sleepy with all the activity.  Too much celebratory adult libation, perhaps. 

I think all of the Christmas pictures have now been posted so you will be relieved to know you have survived them all.   Take lots of pictures at your events and even non-events.  They will give you comfort when you are old.   

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