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Tidbit Tuesday

1. It was a wild trip up with JC and the traveling menagerie.  Racing ahead of a brutal storm coming in from the West, we really pushed it, eventually reaching Clarksville to rest for the night. Got lost in Atlanta, a couple close calls along the way and finally settled into a nice steady cruise complete with sunshine and increasing white stuff on the ground.

2.  Went to Bartonville yesterday to the State Hospital down there, so you can expect a post on that soon.

3.  I have two headquarters this trip: Bivouac South with Pat in Knoxville and Bivouac North in Aledo with Mark and Holly.  Both hosts are perfect in every way and have my eternal thanks.

4.  I am now planning a daring experiment to photograph snow flakes.

5.  Enjoyed an evening at Beer Bellies last night where it is very likely that I had a beer or two too many.  It sure was fun.  An evening with mark and Holly, Dave Olson, Danny Lee, Jason Claussen and others was quite enjoyable.  It was one of those times when every time I looked up there was a new beer waiting.

6. Watching some of the Olympics had me wondering why they "fem" up the male dancer's skating outfits.  If I was skating (just let that image sear into your brain) I'd want jeans and a plain polo.  OK, I get the need for elasticity and showmanship, but why can't you be great dancer without looking like you went shopping in Liberace's closet?

7. It's been a long time since I had to drive looking through a sliver of frost on the windshield.


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