Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday - 90 Day Wonder, Greatest Generation

My Dad, like so many others, was in college at Monmouth when World War II took them away to fight in far off places. Brokaw's
"Greatest Generation" took these guys out of the classroom, tractor seat, factories and construction jobs, gave them a gun and told them to save freedom for future generations. Glenn enlisted in the Navy and they sent him to Columbia University in New York city for a short course in navigation and then aboard a gunboat around the Philippines. He was what was called a '90 Day Wonder'. After instruction you are awarded a rank of lieutenant (J.G.)and off you go.

I have no context for any of these pictures but there are a couple of him aboard his ship.  It was a gunboat which is larger than a PT boat but smaller than a destroyer.  Small, easily maneuverable for island searching and quickness.  

This is Herb (Glenn's nickname) presumably before his leaving for war or shortly afterward. 

I have no idea if this was taken at Monmouth or New York.  My guess, it was Monmouth since he was courting my Mother.

The ship had a number rather than a name which I have forgotten, shame on me.  He did have a couple of stories.  One was the time he was on watch at night, probably right here where he is now, and because it was a full moon he could see quite a bit.  He talked of seeing a torpedo heading for his boat and having it miss.  He was pretty funny in relating the tale, but he always ended by saying how damn scared he was.      

There was a captain aboard when he became part of the officers of the ship, but he left and Herb then became Captain.

He went on shore after a battle once.  Took a sword off a Japanese soldier.  It is still in the family, and will be handed down to each successive generation. 

Their ship was part of a group that was stationed around Mindanoa Phillipines.   

This is what you wear after Midshipman School.

This is what you wear to Midshipmen School.

One final remark.  Herb also talked of his navigation class at Columbia.  One time his numbers were off and he had his ship,  on paper anyway, sailing through an island.  His professor wrote on the paper "Amazing ship."   The above document is one of Herb's navigation papers from school.  A sidenote:  Herb was excellent with numbers.  He could come up off the top of his head with muliplication results of large numbers.  Mathematical skills he did not pass on to his second son.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ms. Maddie, A Fox, A Chipmunk and Scenes From The Porch

This is Mark attempting to ingratiate himself with Maddie.  Sadly, Maddie is a one person dog and follows holly with a devotion I've seldom seen.  Oh sure, she'll stick around for a cuddle and some stroking, but she never stays away from Holly for too long. 

See, all's well now.

That's not to say Maddie doesn't like Mark, no, she loves him dearly, but like many creatures, tends to be with the one who is always around and for now, that's Holly. 

A fox outside Mark and Holly's porch in Aledo. 

There is a family of foxes nearby that live in the hollow of a tree.

The Inimitable Ms. Maddie

They have a friendly chipmunk who visits a golfer on their front portico every day.

Do dogs dream?  I think so. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beach Pics By Distaff

Mrs. BFE is quite a good photographer, savant-like, actually. Here are some pics I discovered she had taken on one our trips to the beach.  The colors of sunsets here are phenomenal and on any given dusk you will find many people with camera in hand. 

Quite nice, don't you think?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mugshot Monday - Walking Wounded Edition

Once again we bring you St. Pete's criminal element too stupid to get away with whatever they were doing. Drugs, battery/assault and intoxication seem to be the prevalent offenses. These pictures are posted in the St. Petersburg Times and I provide this for your amusement and security.



Bummer, man.

Ow ow ow ow.  

Whew whew, owie.



Anyone speak sign, here?


He sucker punched me.

A for Aryan.

                                                                  I wanna go home.

                                                   Yeah, but you should see the other guy...


It just ain't easy being a criminal.  Many mugshots are marred by the effects of stupidly resisting arrest, falling down, or being beat-up by someone else.  If you are going to do something of a criminal nature, when it comes time to get your picture taken, please make it a good one, something ma can put on the fridge with pride.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This And That

They sell bottles of soda with actual sugar in them down here now.  Brendan was sucking on this Dr. Pepper but he said he didn't care for it.

They give licenses to any one who has the money. 

Saw this guy in a creek on the way to brendan's.

This wild thing was spotted at the Wagon Wheel flea market.

This is an ancient microwave stuck in a corner at a second hand store.

Norah G enjoying life, and grampa.

Mackenzie and Brendan with the folks. 

This is a video I found on YouTube.

I came across this video of a group of people who saved a whale. It happened last Valentine's Day and, yes, they are a bunch of whale-huggers, and the red speedo is atrocious. But, imagine the thrill they got, and I must confess, thought it was pretty gosh darn cool.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clam Bayou

Just around the bend from where I am, and certainly a short walk away, over the chain link fence is Clam Bayou. From here you can head out to the gulf, and this is actually a park area. There has been and continues to be a lot of restoration and work going on here. Of interest tonight was the pack of feral dogs that were romping about this little isle. They barked a bit at us, then moved on, actually going around a few times till they stop to rest.

This guy had pretty interesting markings.  Not too many domesticated dogs have this look.  

Sunset over the bayou.  I'm making it a point to do further exploring, and will detail my findings later.

This looks a great deal like an abandoned Bald Eagle nest, or perhaps a hawk.  If you click to enlarge you will see a bunch of crows have taken over.

A volunteer group did some new plantings earlier this spring.

These signs are posted all around Shawshank.

Finally at rest.

Can't take credit for this picture.  Found it at the Clam Bayou website.