Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday

1.  It happens every new year around this time: the sudden realization that the days are getting longer.  

2.  I have been released from the care of Eddie Perez, my Physical Therapist from the rehab center at All-Florida Orthopaedics.  I'm not 100% as evidenced by a return to the pain I remember for 6 months last year when fiddling with my seat belt the other day.  But, and this is a big one, I can sleep at night without awakening to sharp searing pain that doesn't go away.  And I can put on my belt, and comb my hair, and reach for the farthest item on the top shelf.   I have exercises I am to do forever, and according to Dr. Gnage, a recurrence is unlikely…in this shoulder.   

3.  I saw a couple vanity plates yesterday worth noting:  C SCAPE from Nova Scotia, and MY7SONS from New Hampshire.  

4.  On my way to the gym this morning I came across a diaper someone had thrown onto the sidewalk.  What kind of mangy faux human would do that?  Geez, people, it's your world, too!

5.  The Doomsday and Obit posts from Existing In BFE have been moved back to 8/4/14 and 8/6/14, respectively.

6.  You might have noticed a design change on Monday.  For those who noticed,  a year's free subscription to Existing In BFE is headed your way.  For those who didn't, pay attention. 


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