Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter In Florida

While the North in general, and my peeps in BFE in particular, have been suffering a harsh winter, we in Florida have also been having our share of difficulty this season.  You won't hear much about it in the press, nor will Jim Cantore station himself outside Central Avenue Oyster Bar in a hoodie revealing the harsh elements we have been slogging through.  But I am here and will do their job for them since they seem to be in places like Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta and New York City.     

Here you can see the steam rising from Shawshank's geo-thermally heated pool.  On particularly coolish days the question isn't surviving the water (its like a warm bath), its getting from your back door over to the pool without getting a wee bit chilled.   

And look at these poor beachcombers.  They have to don their winter garb, such as it is, and have to even endure gloves.  At the Beach! The horror! 

Shawshank walkers even have to put coats on their 5 pound Yorkies!

And these poor pedestrians!  Coats, umbrellas?  Its an ill wind that blows no good.  At least these guys get to try on the virtually worthless winter clothes they received for Christmas.  I'll be honest, we measure winter down here by weeks, not months.  In fact, a week after this picture was taken of a chilly 56 degree day, it was 82 on Super Bowl Sunday.  Winter's over.

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