Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

This is the belly of the beast.  Route 19 right next to Bedlam.  Otherwise known as Clusterf&*$.  There are four lanes on either side (frontage) and six lanes above.  It is a driver's nightmare and if you can avoid it, do so. 

How does this thing even operate normally?   

My iPhone couldn't come close to the vivid reds and pinks of this recent sunset.  

In a culvert near Bedlam.   


I needed to get hooked up to the internet in Northlandia so after studying my options I called Frontier Communications.  They offered no contract (all other providers required a 2 year commitment), and three plans:  $19.99, $34.00, and 49.00.  Jerry answered and said that there was no way to get internet for less than $60.00 in my area.  I was not only flabbergasted but a bit miffed, too.  When I checked the site they had me put in the zoo code and then they said the above plans were available.  But now, all of a sudden, they weren't and I had to pay an additional 20 bucks  more than their highest plan on the website.  I said thanks but no thanks. Thinking I might get a better answer if I call back in a few minutes and get someone else, I did just that.  This time it was Meg who saw that I'd just called and talked to Jerry.  Drat!  But Meg said she could hook me up to a plan for $39.00 and I jumped at it like frog laps up 'skeeters. OK, my questions are:

Is this good rep/bad rep?  
Is Frontier crooked?
Do people really sign up for an astronomical plan not even listed on the website?
Isn't this false advertising?
Is Jerry banging Meg?

Anyway, I guess I got my internet at around a price I can handle.  But really, is this the kind of film-flam crap that people have to dance around these days.  Mark and Holly have had all kinds of trouble with more than one provider.  Jeez Louis, does it have to be that tough?


A family on a stroll while I was strolling around Bedlam.


Read where a guy down here caught a water moccasin and put it in his pillowcase.  When he went to bed the snake was able to wriggle out and bit him.  Jon Stewart is right - most weird news comes out of Florida.  


It's been confirmed.  Looks like I am facing nasal surgery.  I'll wait and have it done when I return for the arrival of the latest addition to the family.   It is a 2-hour procedure and will be done at Palms Hospital in Pasadena.  And it is such a pretty nose.  

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