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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  A breakfast without sausage is like a shower without soap.

2.  My fantasy team is off to an 1-4 start, but I am sticking with them.  I think as the summer warms up they will kick it in gear.  But percentage wise, it's tough to come back after that kind of start to the season.  Maybe this year will be one of the rare ones where real baseball beats the fake stuff.

One change made was the team name.  Out is Fighting Flamingoes and in is Black Flamingo.  Maybe that will add some intimidation and needed fear.

3.  Spa Day?  

Seen on the road to Bedlam.
Hmmm.  Wonder what this is all about? 

4.   Who Knew?

5.  Profitable Walk

The streets down here are paved with copper.  For some reason Floridians toss their pennies out on the streets and sidewalks, and I come along and scoop them up.  I took a nice walk last week and found either 4 cents or 3 1/2 depending on how you look at my haul.  Christopher, a friend up North who likes to look for treasures with his metal detector, has to do a lot of work to get his stuff.  Me?  Just walk down East Bay then Ulmerton and keep my eyes in the gutter.   Maybe it's time to expand this into a full post with tips on how you can become rich, too! 

6.  Went Dumpster Diving here at Bedlam last week and scored a set of knives in a butcher block and some baking sheets.  Woo Hoo!


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