Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Michael

Today is Michael's birthday.  Today he turns 13,  a teenager.  My happiest days B.N. (Before Norah) were when Michael came to stay with us for awhile back in in the early 00's.  Back then we were pretty inseparable and after I got him a battery ATV we covered G-Burg like a cold sweat.

This is a personal favorite since I remember what was going on.  We were surfing Ebay old car section and determining whether it was "cool" or a "wustbucket", and his mother decided it was time for him to go to bed.  He wasn't fond of the idea. 

Michael moved to Florida a few years ago, and has since moved to Canada.  I haven't seem him for a long time, and may never.  But there was a time we were inseparable and marked a particularly fun time in my life.  I asked him when he was down here if he remembered me and the things we did.  He didn't.  It was prior to memory making time.  He may not remember, but those days provided me with a lifetime of happiness.  

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