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Tuesday Tidbits

Two of my favorite single lines in movies are the above from Planet of the Apes.  The second, (sorry, no You Tube clip) is Nigel Davenport's steely proper English Sergeant-Major, when he tells his outnumbered troops  in Zulu:  "Steady.  Steady, lads."  I've used both phrases off and on with family for decades.


My third and final doctor's appointment is on the 11th.  After that I will look for a cheap ticket back to Northlandia.   


The debate on the 6th is most definitely Must-See TV.


My fantasy baseball team, once in last place, is now in 6th.  One more spot higher and I will be eligible for the playoffs.  


My Princess.  Recently she has begun claiming that everyday " the best day, ever!"  I hope this stays for awhile.  Wouldn't it be nice to have that kind of child-like wonder and joy?  


With my recent surgery I now have open cavities in my head.  After I do my twice daily nasal flushes,  often I will move my head a certain way and water will come out of my nose like a spigot. 
I'm a riot at kid's parties.


Finally saw American Sniper at thought it generally OK, but once again find fistfights and firefights boring.  And we had another graphic vomiting scene, apparently every movie now has to have one of those.   


This is a very short film showing Kenzie, Drew, Norah and newborn Ayla transferring from delivery room to recovery room.  Kenzie had just pushed a button that pipes a recording of Brahm's Lullaby throughout the hospital signaling a new birth.  Pretty cool.  I liked that Norah thought to bring her suitcase, although she wasn't able to stay at the hospital.


Ayla Morgan Shepherd - Two Weeks Old Today



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