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Tuesday Tidbits

The past two weeks have been the most rainy I've ever seen down here - almost like God is trying to wash all the stupid and kitsch from this state.  Memo to God:  It will take way more than 2 weeks of sporadic rain - try a few hurricanes and maybe a Pacific tsunami.


Today is my third and hopefully final doctor's appointment from my July 1st nasal surgery.  It will be interesting to see if his latest treatment (nasal flush with steroidal fluids) knock out those durn returning polyps. 


I will be returning to Northlandia on or around the 20th.  


The annual Perseids meteor shower will peak this week on the 12-14th.  I'll be out there trying to capture some shooting stars for you.  Should be great conditions - moonless, and supposedly up to 100 per hour.  But they are calling for cloudy skies here all week. Yikes!


Welcome to Life

Addalyn Ferguson 

Smith Blythe


I'm not a commercial watcher but sometimes it can't be avoided.  One I abhor is Doogie Howser hawking Heineken.  Unfunny and tiresome.  Oh wait, all commercials are unfunny and tiresome.  



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