Thursday, February 25, 2016


Lost in my stash of pictures taken in Northlandia were these of a conjunction between the Moon and Venus.

In astronomy a conjunction occurs when two astronomical objects have the same right ascension or the same eliptical longitude.  In other words, when two objects in the sky are close enough to dance or kiss, it is a conjunction.  Of course, they aren't really close to each other, but where we are in space on earth, these two objects shared the same space. 

Way back on December 7th Venus and the Moon played around with each other for a few days.  It was cold, again, when these were taken and a kind of haze in the sky until it burned off a few minutes later.   Most recently we had 5 visible planets in the morning night sky, but alas, I didn't get any pictures - a conjunction of babysitting, late nights and laziness.   

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