Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Walk - 2

Today we will finish the walk at Moccasin Lake Nature Park we started last week.  It was an uninspring place - mediocre at best compared to other parks I've been to down here.  But it wasn't without some charm.  

One of the charms was this old fashioned water tower and power plant.  The place uses wind for power and the tower for its water. 


Spread out over one of the trails was this plein air art group.  Personally, I would not have set up on the trail so that hikers would be gawking at my painting.  Especially when you have as little talent as what I saw walking by.  Lord, the egos painters have!

This little fellow was basking in the sunshine, no doubt feeling quite secure.  I'm sure Mama was close by somewhere hidden ready to rescue should the need arise.  

And this is Moccasin Lake.  Close by is Route 19, the River of Death.   The sounds of traffic diminished the serenity of the scene.

One of the many boardwalks that you take along your hike.  Unlike Sawgrass where the walkways actually protect you from hidden critters (we heard a gater growl once) these protect you from burrs.  

In all of the nature parks the old moss covered Oaks are inspiring.  

The place prides itself on its bird rehab services.  We all have to have a hook to hang our coats on.  

So long Moccasin Lake and thanks for all your good work in helping injured birds and keeping the developers away from more condos and apartments.  And although the place was just average (or less), any time you hike is a good time.  Nature, relative quiet, and away from city stuff is always preferable.

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