Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Night Rejects

Today's post isn't bound to rock you out of your breakfast nook.  I just thought I'd display a few pictures that didn't make the cut and show you why.  Nothing too extraordinary but perhaps today's rather flat post will alert you to a better one tomorrow.  Chins up and here's to better, more educated picture taking.

Poor composition and lens flare.  

Truck and photographer shadow.  

Fairly indistinguishable picture.  A lot of nothing in this picture.

Again, poorly constructed - ground not defined and we end up with nothing but two red lights.  More War of the Worlds than anything interesting.

Ill-defined and a big honking flare.

I used a low 16 mm lens on this picture.  I wanted sky shots and this lens can't take in a lot of it.  But lights on both sides really ruined it.  

There is a photo editor called Photoshop out there that you can get for either $119 a year or $9 a month.  I'm told this editor can really razzle-dazzle a picture and fix stuff like this, but that seems awful extravagant for an old country kid like me.  Not interested.  I think I'll just keep snapping and trying to learn the art on my own.  Fails make us better if we learn from them.  And not just with pictures, its with everything we do.  Gosh darn it - there I go - getting melodramatic.  It's Hump Day - here's to whatever kind of day you want.    

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