Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

I must confess a secret.  I watch Judge Judy at 4:00 pm here in Floriduh.  It is my last hour babysitting and signals a brief break until Norah arrives from school.  She is more day's end than must-see TV.   Up in Northlandia I only have antenna TV so I get a lot of junk.  One of the free shows I get is Judge Judy.  I kind of got hooked.  I am not seeking professional help at this point but it is a possibility down the road.  I like how she chews on people.  Stupid people.  They need chewing.  Stupid usually can't be fixed but it can be exposed.    

I figure a few more months and I may be ready to take my Bar Exam.  


Crappy way to start the day. 


Life will take hold anywhere.


One of my duties as Super Papa is to join Norah whenever she wishes to play Playdo.  I found myself daydreaming about my summer ride. 


Apparently my phone was turned off while Norah was trying to Facetime me.  I received this picture of Norah and Alfred in a state of panic.  You will be pleased to know that all is well, now.


I am assuming tomorrow, here in Floriduh and Northlandia, the airwaves will resume selling cars, pills and paper towels again.  


I have a 53 year old car, a 20 year old truck and a 10 year old motorcycle.  It would be nice to upgrade something. 


I am in four fantasy baseball leagues this year.  The oldest and my most favorite is the MDH league, a reincarnation of one that would have been 16 years old.  It still has 6 co-workers still in it.  My team name is the Fighting Flamingoes.  The other names are:  Oakview Ghosts, Satanic Bats and Bucket of Balls.  I have had 2 drafts so far with 2 yet to come.  No money, just pride.  I realize there is zero interest in my fantasy baseball teams, just thought you'd like to know how I spend 15 minutes every morning during the summer. 



As for me I am voting write-in for Jed Bartlett.  Harvard educated, two-term president so he knows his way around the West Wing.  Speaks Latin fluently and has done well with previous international crisis.  He knows the Bible but doesn't use it as a shield like Ted.  I am assuming his multiple sclerosis is in remission, and if not, even if he is incoherent and crappy flopping on the Oval Office rug he is still better than the other candidates.  He is someone I trust.   Since most of the candidates are in Fantasyland, no reason I can't be too.

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