Thursday, June 9, 2016

400 Miles For Rhubarb Jam

In what is a surprisingly sparse post photographically, Tim, Diane and I took a nice long ride up North last week.  I didn't take notes, and apparently precious few pics, so I'll try to remember as best I can.  Long?  How long?  Over 400 miles.  If you include my trip to BFE, then approximately 445 miles.  

Our destination was Guttenberg, Iowa, northwest of Dubuque.  Our quest was an overlook there, but not for the scenic aspects - there are vendors there selling rhubarb jam.  We're serious about our rhubarb addiction here.  

Our first stop after a somewhat confusing (it doesn't take much to baffle me) trip through Colona, we ended up in Port Byron and a brief visit with bro and sis-in-law at their place.  Then, after a little hydration at Riley's Roadhouse in Cordova, we headed up to Palisades to view the overlook there.   

Palisades is a bit of a local treasure.  Never miss an opportunity to swing into state parks - they might really be worthwhile. Sometimes, like Delabar, they turn into something less than thrilling, but often they are quite nice.  

While gassing up somewhere I couldn't help not noticing this beauty pulling out.  I'm not a big muscle car guy but that GTO is a real beauty.  If he needs garage space, I can help him out.

After getting lost twice in Dubuque (that just adds spice to any trip) where the most interesting site were nipple rings (huh?),  we escaped that congestion and headed northwest to Guttenberg.

Along the way we stopped at this place to take in the view. 

This whole area up here is popular with bikers and why not?  Great roads, scenic vistas at every turn, and biker-friendly businesses.    

We finally made the overlook outside of Guttenberg and there they were, the Holy Grail of Vendors.  I purchased a couple jars of rhubarb jam, and Tim bought some honey.  

After this we stopped at the Roadhouse for brunch/lunch/supper and then off to race the sun home.  We don't ride in the rain or dark so we took Route 61 back down to the Quad-Cities like three bats out of Hell.  Well, that's not really true.  I speed every chance I get but Tim and Diane stay at the speed limit.  

We made it fine back to our peel-off at Viola, and the trip and quest was over.  My ass was doing a durvish trying to allay the pain-numb, but I had my rhubarb and a great day of riding to show for it.  
I should end this post now, but I must confess:  I boxed up my prize jars of rhubarb in a care package for Norah.  One jar for Kenzie and her family,and the other for our Columbian neighbors at Bedlam.  

My ass will heal, my memories are intact and I'm enjoying Northlandia.  Let's ride again soon, guys.

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