Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wombie's Hummingbirds - Part 1

Mr. and Mrs. Wombie have a couple of hummingbird feeders outside their porch.  While gone on vacation to Colorado, and dogsitting Miss Maddie, I took the opportunity to set up the camera and take some pics of the little beauties.  

I had my tripod so setting up the camera wasn't difficult.  There was already a small hole in the screening so I slid my remote clicker through it and attached it to the camera.  The next step was to lie quietly on the porch floor and wait.   

I was able to get some pretty decent shots and I will be posting them in the coming weeks.  I discovered that most of them liked the lower feeder, surprising because it doesn't have footholds.  It also seemed like they traveled in a circuit - as I saw the same ones in 15-20 minute intervals.  

Sadly, they have in the intervening weeks seemed to have left, and we are not sure why.  One of the neighbors is cleaning out a brushy area and we are hoping he has not destroyed their homes. 

Stay tuned for more.   

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