Thursday, November 17, 2016

Seaton Not Always In Black And White

From my last stay in Northlandia, these pictures of my hometown.

From the East End looking uptown.  Note the shadows on the road.  It was a full moon.

My grandparents house on the left.  The church down the block.

The fire station.  We had community plays as kids in this place.  Now it has the occasional pancake breakfast.

City Hall and Library.

The old Masonic Hall building.  Now it is a private residence.

Main street in front of the bank looking east.  When I was a kid the entire downtown block was filled with buildings and businesses.  Now all it has is the post office and restaurant.

The weigh station at the grain elevator.  Spent many hours here as a kid, then as an employee.   One of these days I may write a post on all the things that happened here.  

My house was on the left.  The painting I'm working on now features the street light on the right and how we used to spend time there at that corner.  It was a place we neighborhood kids congregated during the summer.  It gave us a sense of freedom while still under the watchful eye of a parent.  At the end of the block on the right was Frey's house.  I ran away from home (complete with stick and belongings in a red bandana like a hobo) once and got that far.  Evelyn gave me cookies and let me watch TV until I was ready to go back home.  The lot on the right also had Doc Kingry's mini pony for awhile.  The little gravel road that heads right under the streetlight is the way to the Levine's: Dot, Don and Lance.  Dot and Lance are still there.  The memories flood.  

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