Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

Remember a couple weeks ago I told you about this Roush I spotted in the parking lot here at Waterboard?  I'd never heard of it and after some research discovered a company founded by Jack Roush in 1995 modifying Mustangs and Ford F-150's into performance machines.   

Of course you remember: my readers have instant recall on all the fascinating subjects I bring up.  Anyway, I stalked the owner (actually Alfred and I were strolling the parking lot) and had a chat with him.  First off, he is a very approachable and likeable fellow, easily stalked.  He was more than happy to talk about his car and handled all of my questions superbly.  He also told me the car was under water and he and his wife just had a baby girl.  He mentioned it may have been bad timing to get the Roush.  

And, ready?  He said he is insured "inside and out" and offered to let me drive the thing.  At first I was quite ready to take him up on his offer.  I told him maybe for Christmas.  If he offers again I'll take the ride but he can do the driving.  


A week ago I went over to ABC Bicycles in St.Pete where I bought my bicycle when I first moved down here and was stolen at Bedlam.  I was checking some out to see if I wanted to buy another one, and after the browsing the current Mrs. Blythe, Miss Norah and myself had lunch at one of our old favorites.  It just so happened that it was 

Great place to get a sandwich or platter of fish and then grab some to take home.  Because it was a special occasion they had a guy at the keyboards entertaining the patrons.  It was fun to see Norah and the he flirting and exchanging smiles and giggles.  She even got to go up and draw a name out of a hat for winning one of the hourly prizes.


This is for longtime reader Tom up in G-Burg and Probation officer extraordinaire.  He is fond of our furry little friends in the trees.


Upstairs window decorations for the holidays.  So delusional.  So sad.  Endless blue skies.  Endless warm days.  This is no place for snow worshippers.


Not sure about Northlandia but down here some McDonald's are sprucing up for the Holidays by putting lights all over their buildings.  It's pretty cool looking.  Sorry about the above picture, it was taken on the go from the road.


Thanksgiving at Kenzie's.  The boys above went out for a coupel beers then back home to romp with the kids.  Note:  No one was hurt in the making of this picture and this should not be done at home without proper vigilence.

By the way, the young man above is being propelled to new heights by Brendan.  He is Liam and is the son of his girlfriend.  


This was handed to me recently by its author.  I have added it to my other sentimental keepsakes in my wallet.  By the way, it translates to :"Because I Love You So Much".  And it was not done by the current Mrs. Blythe but rather Miss Norah.  


CNN's round-the-clock coverage of Castro's death is embarrassing.  He hasn't been a player in a decade or longer, his brother is firmly in control and the guy he has appointed to succeed him will be just the same.  The idea that somehow this is the end of Cuban socialism is ridiculous.  CNN is myopic in its news coverage.  I only watch them now for news if I have no alternatives.


This is to remind you I will be in Northlandia soon for a couple weeks.  I will not be posting next Monday through Friday.  While I am gone you can either reread all of the over 2500 posts or just handle your withdrawal tremors with alcohol, ice cream or go out and protest something.    

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  1. Yes, me and the tree rats, I have slowed my battle with them somewhat. I do not recall having to put one down or trap one this year. The wonders of having someone trim the trees away from the home.