Wednesday, April 12, 2017


More GIFS!

OK, I know what you all are thinking.  Nice GIFS and all that but we've seen half of them already on Yahoo.  Plus, what a ripoff.  You hardly put any work at all on this post, and you aren't supposed to be taking vacation for another three days!  What a jerk.  What a lazy ass.  And that uncalled for comment yesterday about those kids and their teacher - obviously you crossed a line with your humor.  What a mope.  And now you half-ass a post while celebrating 2500 entries.  More like 2000 with all the effort you put into some of them.  Geez.  I want my money refunded.  What?  I get all this free?  And you have to buy space on Google to make this website?  Hmmm.  OK, you can take a week or so off but you really did cross the line with those boys and their older teachers.  Really.  Shame...Shame...Shame...Shame.

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