Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits

Projects Inside the Cabin:

Different Washing Machine
Paint Bedroom
Change shower head
Replace my 12 year old computer

Projects Outside the Cabin:

Ride the cycle
Take Pictures
Sit outside so I can listen to the quiet
Visit BFE Community Center
Install Chrysler Highway Hi-Fi in Miss Frump
Smell Green Stuff Growing


Hey Wombie.  If you go into the Cabin in the Woods and prepare for my arrival in about three weeks and see something like this in the furnace room, would you call Triple A Pest control and have them come over and take care of this.   


Sometime this week Existing In BFE will publish its 2,500th post. Just info for those keeping score.

(Yeah, that skyline is London, but this was the only graphic I could find.)

OK, I've provided an extra couple of weeks of material for you but this is absolutely the last week before a short hiatus here at BFE.  I'm breaking out the champagne to celebrate our 2500th entry and take it easy for a couple weeks.  (Actually we will continue to feverishly come up with new material when we return.  The blog is always hungry.  Besides, I still babysit "It".)   Mark your calendar for May 1st when we return with some of the greatest stuff we've ever posted (marketing bullshit).


Alfred enjoying her first full swim for the year.  


I think the office of Press Secretary should be revamped or eliminated.  All it has become is a partisan exercise in B.S.  It was painful with Gibbs, Carney, Earnest and is even more so with Spicer.  Scrap it.


Almost every day now we read of poor 16, 17 and 18 year old boys having sex with their teachers.  I hope there are plenty of opportunities for these traumatized young men to get counseling to talk about their sexual forays with older, more experienced women.  Those poor guys.  How will they ever learn to cope with such victimization. 

(This opinion does not necessarily reflect those of the management of Existing In BFE.  It might, but might not.)  


Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend, with my Nasty current wife, an art show to benefit Planned Parenthood in St. Pete.  The art was donated by Nasty Women Resistance group which has sprung up to give voice to the rollback of women's rights under the new administration.   

I like art.  I like looking at it.  I was happy to attend and see other artists' views and creative energies.   The art was sometimes good, mostly angry and, in a couple instances, rather shocking.  

I have a favorable impression of PP:  its cervical cancer detection and medical examination services is indisputable.  And while I am against abortion I am pro-choice.  They do not provide any service without giving all the options for and against.  I hope we do not eliminate this avenue for lower-income women with their backs against the wall. 

"I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves.  We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't."  Audre Lord 


I offered my Fun Bus (Pathfinder) a couple weeks ago for some family shopping.  While others went in the Mall for s supposed but erroneous surgical strike, I remained in the Bus with the kids.  We were watching a movie when the air conked out and I noticed some fluid puddling under the engine.   Turned out to be a relatively inexpensive repair (radiator cap) but scared me a second.  What made me less apprehensive was we made it back to Waterboard without it overheating.  But the words of Wombie echoed in my head, "Just something else to worry about."  Yeah, you are right, Wombie, but I'll have lots of time not to worry in eternity.


While going through some boxes trying to find my damn Master's thesis ( I swear I'll find it, Neighbor), I came across this that I'd forgotten I had.  During one of those PBS auctions they had all the time out of Peoria I won an autographed final script of the movie "Save The Tiger".   Jack Lemmon won an Oscar for his role.  

If you have never seen it, I'd recommend it.  It's dated a bit now but it is still extremely powerful.  


Reflection of street light in puddle on way to gym last week.  Puddle wasn't made by weather,  there is none down here; it was made by the watering system.


This Just In!

Neighbor Tim just sent this picture of a fire he had going in his pit last night.  Looks like he is clearing out some old limbs and dead shrubbery.  Fire is so primal.  One of my small joys of living in BFE were the occasional fires Tim created with some friends, beer, and joke telling.  Another reason for Northlandia.  Don't burn all the wood, Neighbor, save some for me.  Just 23 sleeps.


This will be the last Tidbit till May.  Behave yourselves and play nice.  This isn't a microwave but I'm still watching.  

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