Monday, June 5, 2017

Taking Off

Today I fly back to Kitschland.  The first Spring trip up was a bit shorter than anticipated but when I return sometime next month or so it will be longer.  I have to go back and make some money to keep the Cabin going. 

I have accomplished most of what I wanted to, so the task is always to leave your audience wanting more. 

Things I did:

  • Helped the Wombie take water readings in Seaton
  • Changed shower head 
  • Took pictures of night sky - and finally got some gorgeous pics of the Milky Way
  • Rode the bike
  • Went to 2 car shows
  • Had breakfast with the girls
  • Ran the Rhubarb Days 5K Run
  • Went to BFE Civic Center
  • Visited Burgess 
  • Went to Beer Bellies
  • Went to Off The Hook
  • Oil Painted
  • Enjoyed tenderloins and pea salad (not available in Kitschland)
  • Went to a funeral
  • Went to 2 graduation parties
  • Missed my 2 girls in Kitschland
  • Saw BroPhil
  • Gained 7 pounds

Things I Didn't Do:

  • My walking suffered greatly, rarely achieving my daily goals
  • Get down to Oquawka for fish
  • Get rid of my possessed washing machine or fix the water valve
  • Miss Joe or Mika
  • Missed visiting with some people I was hoping to see
  • Go fishing
  • Root for the Cubs
  • Shoot pool in BFE

And so I close out about a month in Northlandia. Back to Kitschland to resume my babysitting and make a little money for Round 2 in Northlandia in a few weeks.  It was a fun month.  Did a lot of fun things interspersed with constructive and rewarding.  In the next few weeks you will be seeing some pretty decent photographs from the trip.  For those in Northlandia, thanks so much for your kindness, generosity and patience.  For those in Kitschland, see ya soon.

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