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Nice Thing Happened To Me At Hy-Vee

Tuesday I stopped and got some beer for the weekend. The cashier, Sandy, said my purchases qualified for a rebate. But she had to do both purchases separately in order for the rebate to qualify. Well, the first one went through great with my bank card, but the second one didn't. It wasn't declined but kept coming up "duplicate". She couldn't get it to bypass that so she called in the manager. The manager had the same problem, so, get this, he used his own card to buy my stuff and said, "Next time you're in just pay me back." A remarkable gesture for a guy who didn't know me from Adam. I'm going in to work a little early today to pay him back. By the way, if you are in Hy-Vee and run into Bryan Franzoni, Manager, tell him he's a nice guy.


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