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Dear Tim

Dear Tim:

I am sorry I am of a liberal persuasion. You see, my parents sent to me Iowa Wesleyan College, a small Midwestern liberal arts college in the heart of liberal Iowa, during the Vietnam war. Above is my IWC ID card I unearthed in the move, and as you can see I am already turning into a long-haired liberal hippie radical. I took philosophy courses, and if you aren't liberal after that, then the sociology, theology and Modern Ethics courses were the clincher. I won't get into the bowling, tennis and piano classes I took as a senior after all my hours had been met.

My philosophy instructor and advisor was George E. LaMore, now retired, of course, who further pushed and dragged me into the liberal wing of things. He was rather renowned at the time for his leftist-leaning activist ideas that didn't always sit well with the Methodist church which apparently subsidized the school.

Then if that wasn't enough, a quagmire of a war deepened with Nixon, a right-to-the-right crook of a guy that made a lasting impression with me. Cronkite said it was OK to hate the war, and although I was far too busy at the library to participate in any marches, I went ahead and hated the war.

Then if that wasn't enough my mother was a liberal do-gooder who cared about the sick and homeless and if the Republicans didn't want to get their hands dirty with social issues, the Democrats would. Now I leave my father for the last. He and his father were zealous conservatives, my grandfather making no secret of his eternal hatred of FDR. (He even stopped by on our 16th birthday to give the sage advise: marry a good cook and vote Republican.) My Dad voted Republican in every election.....until his last one when he finally saw the errors of his life and finally, and with great glee from his family, voted liberal Democratic. (I will let others divine the meaning of his one and only Democratic vote and then his untimely death.)

So you see, Neighbor Tim, fellow debater, nice guy, open-minded (creeeeeaaaaak, a little WD-40 wouldn't hurt), and friend, I never had a chance.


Your liberal friend,


PS: What interests me more than the difference between us are the things that we share: love of country, love of soldiers who sacrifice so we can have our chats about our political beliefs, love of riding bikes, and the brotherhood of bikers.


  1. You sure have an awsome way of explaining yourself, and as usual some how you can end every debate with class! (not that I'm finished debating politics)I too Micheal had no chance in life to be anything other than a Republican/Conservative.....only son to a strict no choice do as your told Father, who taught me wrong is wrong no excuses...if you know it's wrong don't do it guidelines with the everlasting advise"The Good Lord helps them who help themselves" survival of the fitest upbringing.....and then guess what? 18 and in the Marine Corps with the Honorable Mr. Reagan as Commander and Chief. So there again my bleeding heart liberal facist more thing we have in appears as though we became who we are by the influence of others.

  2. ...Fucking libs....




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