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Anyone Can Catch a Big Fish (Part II)

After a few of these Captain Tim quipped, "Anyone can catch a big fish."

Tim actually caught one by a dorsal fin.

We used crickets and dwarf wax worms. These teeny tiny fish took a few bites here and there with those crickets and left us without bait. The bobbers would bounce a couple of times then we'd have to reel in and re-load. This led Captain Tim to quip again: "Just like a blind coyote, eatin' from the hoof up."

If it hadn't been for the good conversation, excellent scenery, relaxing activity and the beer, it would have been a wasted day.

Regardless it was a fine, fun day and I'd do it again...with minnows or dew worms.


  1. Little fish.....big mouth! That's me! Captain Tim, kinda wish I had'nt made that remark?

  2. Nighcrawlers. Always, nightcrawlers.


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