Sunday, August 2, 2009

The End Of The Line For Old Blue?

The other day we were riding on a brick street down her and we heard a big thud and the truck would make a nasty noise over every bump. We took her to Sears to get an alignment and have them check my suspension cave-in. Their report was they dis the alignment but hey don't do leaf spring work. I asked if it was OK to drive the truck until we got it fixed and he said, yeah, the work shouldn't be too big of a deal and yeah, you can drive it.

We then went to Hummel Auto Service and had a conniption thinking we were on the road with it and that the only thing holding the truck together was a shock absorber and that is rusty as all get out. They even offered to drive us home. Oh, and by the way, a fellow we know has this great Toyota pick up for sale if you'd like his number. Well, we nursed it home, and will get a third evaluation hopefully today.

Mind you, this truck runs great and only has 83,000 miles on it. But now suddenly, it seems its days may be over. Guess hauling the bike in the back of it really took its toll.

Options if truck is indeed done:

1. New truck (least favorite idea,as I don't want 4-5 years of payments)
2. Used truck (the one offered by Hummel is a 94, has 53,000 miles and only a couple thou)
3. Go without. Its not like I have a job right now, and besides I have my bike.
4. ??

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