Monday, July 7, 2014

Nature's Fireworks

The constant flashing of lightening kept me from dozing off last night (June 29th) so I decided to throw a lens on the camera and go out and take some shots.  I took virtually hundreds using my remote shutter release button, but, and listen up novice photogs out there, make sure you are focused.  I thought I was but discovered once I downloaded them that most of the shots were ruined.  The ones displayed here are the only ones that remained OK enough to display.  Crisp sharpening is tougher at night - and it was a good lesson for me.  At least these were fine, so you get an idea of the light show we had.  It lasted a long time, and was spectacular.  I still didn't get dazzling lightening shots, but taking pictures is like golfing - it gives you enough of a kick to want to do it again.   

These are unmanipulated and un-photoshopped.     

The cells moved south, west of me, and then the skies were quiet and dark, once again.  It was one of the best light displays since I've been here, and glad I was able to get some fairly good shots. But if I had it to do again, I'd have used a different lens, and drat!, made sure all those other pictures were properly focused.   The orange you see in some of the clouds is ambient city lights.  

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