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The Moon

I consider myself fairly frugal.  No Starbucks for me, a good ole regular coffee suits me fine.  But I will pull the trigger on occasion on things if it's something that can enhance my overall existence.  My existence is enhanced by an old car.  My existence is enhanced by a good computer.  With that in mind, I bought a lens to go with my life-enhancing camera that not only enhances my picture-taking, but gets me farther (zoom-wise) than ever before.  See how I can justify things?

With a 300 mm lens I was able to get this great shot of the moon in the first week of June.   My previous lens would not have allowed this closeness or clarity so I was really thrilled to get this kind of shot.  I still have to cut and paste and do a little finessing to get this, but its just basic stuff, nothing fancy. Yeah, folks, that ain't no picture from a science book, it's mine.  Yeah, huh! 

Now during the same shoot I was also able to get this shot of a rather over-exposed moon and also capture Mars.  Mars is a tiny spot at the upper part of the picture.  If you can't find it, the picture below is a kind of cheat-sheet for you.    

It is a small thing, but I was extremely pleased with the shots you see here this morning.  I really enjoy nighttime photography and this little trip to the tennis courts here at Shawshank at 5:00 in the morning was really fun.  

I'll wrap this up with a Mars shot. My little 300 mm and a bit of zoom can't get Mars any closer.  For that I'd need a super-duper lens mounted on a super-duper telescopic unit that is light years away from my meager finances.  Besides, why reach for the stars when you have the Moon? 


  1. Great pictures! I tried taking pictures of the "super moon" a couple of nights ago. Nothing turned out. It may be time for a camera upgrade. Thanks for sharing your excellent pictures.


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