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How Far Can A Georgia Gopher Travel?

The world is enticingly full of mysteries.  My co-worker for many years at the Mary, and friend, Jeff, invited us to Tybee Island a couple months ago.  There I discovered Savannah's Candy in one of those cool weekend-roped-off blocks that some cities do.  Within this two or three block are downtown are restaurants, crafts shops and art galleries.  

Savannah's has as one of their mainstay draws something they call a Gopher but is actually a Turtle.  You know, one of those pecan, caramel and chocolate snacks that expand the taste buds while it expands the waist.  I simply loved them and Jeff, bless his heart was kind enough to order some and had then sent to me in Shawshank.   

After a couple days this arrived to my door.  

They insist on packing the goodies in dry ice over the summer months, and I concur.  I leave this kind of thing to the experts.  

As a kind of bonus, my package arrived in this nice cooler.   

OK, quit toying with me.  Let me see you nutty little guys.

The dry ice was gone (I know nothing about dry ice.  What is it?  How long can you see it?) but I saw what appeared to be2 boxes ready to be ripped open and...rationed?

So how long can a Georgia gopher travel?  It can travel to Florida and forever in my pantheon of goodies to savor.  My tip to anyone reading this:  type Savannah's Candies in your browser and head over to their site.  Tip #2:  Don't order.  If you do you will be hooked and no intervention can save you.    


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