Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Adieu Tybee

It is no coincidence that time flies when you are having fun.  And slows down when you are having root canal.  In my desperation to take some night pics, I wandered back to the boardwalk leading to the beach to see if, by chance, something would be happening that warranted being photographed. 

Not surprisingly, there isn't much going on out in the Atlantic in the wee hours.  

This is a freighter heading out of the Savannah River north of Tybee Island.  It is lit up like a city block.  A couple of small tugs are shadowing the ship as it slowly makes its way into the Atlantic.  Imagine the thousands upon thousands of ships from sail to modern diesel who made this trip; embarking on places all over the world.   

Now this is dark sky.  When I speak of it for night photography, you must understand that there are relatively few places where you can get unadulterated sky.  Over the ocean is one of them.  I'm sure the city lights of Savannah and to a lesser degree, Tybee, still intrude on this sky,  but point your camera out into the Atlantic Ocean sky and that's pretty pure.   

This is looking south.  The clouds are illuminated by the moon and you can see the shift of light from the right to the left.  

Another picture of the ship heading out to sea.  

Nothing really going and it was beastly cold, so I bagged up my equipment and headed for warmth.  Next time, perhaps.

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