Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Sewer/septic truck with this inscribed on the back:  "Straight Flush Beats A Full House".


I think this is more true than not, especially in my experience.  So thanks for the beers guys, and the shenanigans.  


Overheard at Farmer's Market Vegetable Stand:

Customer Admiring Vendor Wife's scarf:  "Very nice scarf."

Wife's Husband: "You like her scarf?  Very Nice,  Very Expensive.
Made in Egypt.  By the Pharaohs. 

Customer:  Ramses?

Wife's Husband:  No. Tut. 


Gone Girl and Still Alice were pretty good.  The Homesman, not so much. 


Norah learning to enjoy freedom in the pool with her inflatable ring.


As I was walking along Ulmerton I was stunned when this guy came after me.  He came from the street side and ended up in a grassy knoll.  I swear this guy made the first move. 


As I am on the cusp of losing my Norah for a few weeks, I include this video of her pretending to be reading.  

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