Thursday, May 14, 2015

You Could Be Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!*

Calvin (Oh how we could use you now) Coolidge once said that the business of America is business.  And as far as I can tell we really like business involving Drugs, Guns, Movies with Superheroes, and War, declared or otherwise. 

I have a pet theory that along the byways, highways, freeways,  parkways, and roadways of bundled rolls of cash tossed by dealers when the heat gets too hot.  So, when I take off on a good walk around Bedlam I keep my eyes peeled for the green that will bankroll my retirement and keep me in the lifestyle with which I am accustomed. 

No luck so far, but I am getting rich nonetheless with my eyes glued to the gutter, and other places.  You could get rich, too.*  It's not easy but I will show you how and give you tips to become a wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. 

I have written before on this blog of my past copper strikes (non-trademark phrase for finding pennies) and how Floridians are either unaware of the holes in their pockets or routinely toss them out for no apparent reason.  A penny is a penny.  But 600,000 pennies is a small fortune.          

In front of a convenience store.

On the sidewalk.

Along the road.

Another one along the road.

Spotted this one as I was getting out of the car when I went to the beach.

In between the sidewalk and the road. 

Here are some tips so you, too, can become rich.*

  • Don't let traffic or surroundings disturb your concentration.  You must find your "zone" and once in it concentrate on your job at hand.  
  • If you walk in the early morning, at some point you will be heading into the sun.  Coins will reflect making it easier to spot.  
  • On rainy or threatening days take a long handled umbrella.  Put the end into the gutter effluvia and stir it up a bit as you walk.  Sometimes coins are hiding under all the gunk.  
  • Always check out places where people have their hands in their pockets like doorways to businesses, fast food joints, bars, parking lots, convenience stores and adult nudie bars.  
  • If a chunk is missing from your penny, go to the bank and ask them to replace it.  They are obligated if you have 51% of the coin left. 
  • It's OK to take a day off.  Once in a while walk for the pleasure of it and check out your surroundings.
  • If you see one in the middle of the road, look both ways before darting into traffic to retrieve it.

These poor lost lambs have been out in the elements for a long time.  The faces are barely recognizable.

Just last week I found about 13 cents.  At this rate in about 800 years I'll have enough to buy a $5,000 car, barring inflation.  Not bad for just taking a walk, huh?   So get on out there and join in the fun.  Whole families can do it.  Why take a family vacation to Yellowstone when you can drive into a smoggy metropolitan area and walk endlessly for coinage.  You'll have so much fun you'll wonder what it took you so long!

* Your results may not be the same as the Copper Strike King due to persistence, topography, eyesight, age actuarial tables, location, percentage of homeless also canvassing the area and regional outlooks toward money.

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