Monday, August 3, 2015

A Cancelled Fourth - Part 2

Unfortunately the dark clouds this year contained rain and when it came down it came down hard.  At the parking lot I couldn't understand why so many were starting in their cars rather than heading out.  Turns out they did the fireworks when the storm ended.  This was the first year since I've been here that I missed the 4th show, and while I was kind of sad over the broken tradition, I was sad while dry in my recliner at home.  

The following pictures are of a couple playful dolphins that entertained us awhile, the storm clouds over the bay and the whitecaps when the storm began to get serious.  

But not all was lost.  Drew and Kenzie had a small show the next day in their yard.  We had scores and a sparkler demonstration by Norah.  We did all the kiddie stuff and have a great arsenal lined up for New Year's.

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