Friday, October 23, 2015

Flashback Friday

Last Friday I posted about the Wombie and my trip to Quincy to search out my grandparents' houses.   Today  we see Mona and Dick out on a fishing trip.  The location is unknown but most likely somewhere near Ponemah or Monmouth, where they lived.  Ponemah no longer exists but was about 4 miles southeast of Kirkwood.  Sinclair Oil had a pumping station there and Dick was Superintendent of the plant.  This was where my mother, Marj, was born and lived until she was 14 when they moved the house to Monmouth.  Yeah, moved the whole damn thing to another city.  That had to have been subsidized by Sinclair. 

Mona is in an apron - I somehow think she spent a lot of time in one.  She used to make custards in little ceramic bowls complete with a red bandana cloth for us kids to eat on the long trip back to Seaton whenever we'd go down for a day.  Apparently she is waiting for Dick to catch something in that stream.  In the foreground is an abutment like maybe an overpass at a road.  Most likely this is a bridge and Dick is out trying to catch supper.  Wonder how he got Mona to go, and what is she holding in her right hand?  

In the first picture you can see him intent on something and she is hidden from the sun.  In the second it looks like maybe he has caught something as is taking it off the hook, and she is prepared to take it from him.  Who know?  But I am most curious as to who was taking the pictures.  They seem oblivious, or at the very least unconcerned, about possible picture-taking.  Curious pictures.  Unanswerable questions. 

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