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Flashback Friday

In some place, roughly 70 years ago, my parents went out with a little Kodak Brownie and did what we do now with our smartphones.  By the looks of the results it is either Fall or Spring but nice out.  The clothes don't look particularly casual, maybe before a school function?  Again there is no info regarding these pictures.  

After Herb's stint in the the Navy during World War II, he returned to Monmouth College to finish up his degree.  I don't know if these are pre-war or post-war, however, I look into his face I see not a rambunctious college kid thinking of pranks, but a man who has seen things he never dreamed he'd see.  


By this time Marj's folks have moved the Ponemah house into Monmouth.  She is a college girl who has waited for her guy to return home from war.  Notice her shoes?  They are a lot like Herb's     - must have been a unisex style in those days.

I'd love to have that car.  Looks like a '41 Chevy.   Can't determine who's car it is. Herb's Dad was a Chevy guy, and Marj's Dad was a Mercedes owner when we knew him.  What he was in the War years is hard to tell.  Driving that thing couldn't have been easy for eh fairer sex:  These things were huge and heavy, probably no power anything.  

Where is the setting?  Because of the pond I thought out in the country somewhere, but the last picture shows a brick gate of some sort.  Could it have been some place on or close to campus?  

I recently read an article that every photograph contains secrets.  Going through these old photographs turns one into a bit of a detective, attempting to uncover those secrets.  We can't ever come close to the real facts of these moments:  the emotions, the topics of conversation, the underlaying feelings of these two people on this day.  Secrets.  Eternal secrets. 


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