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Burgess + Barton's = Fun

Burgess, Illinois has long been a special place for me.  I've spent many hours at the Burgess Saloon talking to some great people.  Besides Marvin and Janine, the Bartons are special friends.  Andrea and Richard always open their pool and hearts to friends.  They had an end-of-summer bash that I was invited to and wouldn't have missed it.  

Back in the day we had some fun times at this pool.  Late night fun in the hot summer with cold beer.  The pool is even heated for cooler days.  

On this day, however, with a Bloody Mary in hand and all the things you like in a Midwestern party menu, the pool was inhabited by the younger set.  I was perfectly content to watch from afar with my plate of goodies under the utility shed.  

The Barton's took good care of me even though the pool reminded me also of Norah and her burgeoning swimming skills at Bedlam.

One note of unhappiness;  a partygoer was stricken with an illness and the local medical authorities had to be notified.  I didn't know the gentleman, but Richard's loud music that was being piped was playing a somewhat appropriate selection as he was hauled into the back of the truck.  It was Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me".Hell of a party.  Hope I'm invited again next year - how can they top that?


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