Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Little Blue Ranger That Could

Back in the mid 90's I bought a pick-up truck from Lakis Ford.  It was my second Ranger, and I was experimenting with getting a new vehicle every 2 years.  The first was a '94 black Ranger and then a '96 blue version.  My experiment ended, and I have had the blue ranger almost 20 years now.  Long payed for it has been my wheels through many life events.   

My blue 1996 Ford Ranger parked on the shoreline in New Boston last month.

In a recent trip to Northlandia I went to New Boston to do some picture taking and the Ranger sits awaiting to take me home.  Through the years she has sustained some dents and bruises.  A Publix grocery store pylon dented the left side. while a fender-bender near Atlanta banged up the right.  One of he rear cab sliding windows is actually plexiglass after an unfortunate event at Fyre Lake.  The emergency brake is funky and the brakes need some work, too.  I think the transmission may be slipping a bit, too.  The odometer is shot and the miles rests at 102,588.  The engine runs fine and there are only a couple of rust-outs that has occurred in the past couple of years.  The interior is still in great shape, no rips or tears but the air only works on "max".  

Inside the ashtray is a toy sword and a dum-dum sucker: both belonging to Michael when he lived with us. 

A plastic toy warrior lies in the right door storage area.  They remain where they were when we would cruise around.  They will stay there until he needs them again.

The Ranger took me to work at the Mary and on my last day there, back home.  It took me to work at Dick Blick and Knox Academy until my last days there and back home.  It took me to Florida with a bike in the back that almost broke its spine.  Years of snow and salt rusted the bed mounts and shock absorber clamps.  A garage down here said it was unfit to be on the street but they had really nice truck for sale.  I said no thanks and found a place that refitted the bed mounts and new shocks.  It came back to Northlandia and took me to Florida again.  

Fishing with Michael at Littlejohn

It took me to Wisconsin to check out an old car with JC, and took me Lake Littlejohn to fish.  It took me see my friends and it took me to funerals.  To doctors and dentists and every mundane thing in between.  It took me home...and then took me home.

Michael is 12 now.  Wonder if he needs his sword and Megatron?

Every event great or small it carried me safely and carries me still.  If the transmission holds and the brakes slow me down I may get another few thousand miles from her.  She sits now, in semi-retirement in Emerald City.  Fewer miles, but important ones.  An amazing set of wheels, and after 20 years, an old friend.   

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