Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Beerbellies is Emerald City's local watering hole.  As places go its as good as any, I guess.  It is typical of small town bars - its more the people who go than the ambiance.  It has TV's featuring the sporting event of the day and cold beer, often the only things necessary for a good time.  The glut of gambling machines is the most surprising thing about returning to Northlandia.   I haven't played any of them yet, and probably won't as long as I have my go-to Golden Girl to do my bidding.


It was travel day and I was just wandering around the place in Emerald City to make sure everything was in order for a short hibernation till I return.  I glanced at the garage light and noticed something small and dark on the fixture.   

This little frog was perched up there as if to bid me farewell.  


Grammatical Pet Peeve of the Week

Seen mostly on talking head news shows after being asked a question, starting your response with, "So..."  The word "so" is a conjunction and its use at the first of a sentence is erroneous.  Conjunctive words join phrases or thoughts, and would be incorrect at the beginning, since you are not joining anything.  In essence we are using "So" much like we use "well" to start a sentence, as a kind of filler much like "uh" or "um".  


This is your musical interlude for the day.  Don't know this lead singer for the Twenty One Pilots group and certainly not interested in any more of their stuff, but found this to be entertaining.  I wasn't into Elvis at all, saw him as more of a musical joke or at the least a pre-rock Robert Goblet. But this song by him was a nice ballad and even better by this guy.  I guess his name is Jason Tyler.

Click on Watch on YouTube, wait for ad to finish and see a pretty clever music vid.  


What does it say about American's hate of Washington/Congress/Obama/status quo that 40-47% of the voters of a national party would elect people to lead the nation who have absolutely no business walking the halls of the White House.  These are scary times.  Revolutions have begun with less provocation.  


I have declared myself to be an honorary Cubs fan up to the moment we meet.


Barges are cool.  See how this one keeps its engines revved then backs off in order to keep it stabilized in the lock.  I took this on a bike trip to Mt. Pleasant and decided to check the Lock and Dam at Gladstone on the way back.  Excellent place to see them -- nice observation deck.

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