Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Correction:  Yesterday's post had an error in it.  While Existing In BFE isn't necessarily a temple of veracity (Our motto is Never Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story), sometimes a mistake comes along that must be corrected.  We said a grapefruit was the symbol of welcome.  Actually it was a pineapple.  Thanks Jeff.


Saw this in a thrift store.  Amazing. Never knew they made such a thing.  A lot like my manual stirrer, only cheaper.


Champagne bottle when we (the Mets) beat LA last Thursday.


People are pigs.  These pictures were at a bus stop last week.  There was even a decomposing crow.  And poor Olaf. 


Why does shelf milk never go bad?*


Norah getting ready for the runway.  


Recent sunrise.


This past weekend I was browsing Netflix Streaming and ran across the Glen Campbell - I'll Be Me documentary.  When I was a kid Glen Campbell was like The Partridge Family and Neil Diamond in that you would never want your high school friends to know you listened to.  More than a little square, Glen Campbell was big but not quite the type of stuff you wanted to hear. 

I had read that he was suffering from Alzheimer's and was going on tour with his family one last time.  This is a record of that tour and I not only found it educational, but damn heart-warming as well.  I now have a fuller understanding of the disease and seeing him not only not knowing the date or year, but trying to hide it and act normal was powerful.  I shed a tear as the family finally (after 151 dates) pulled the plug after a concert in Napa, California that displayed the degree to which Glen had deteriorated.  Man!  Watch this.  Watch this for your self and for your loved ones.  


* My guess is it is vacuum packed - thus preventing spoilage.

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