Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Strange that with the recent showdown on the Confederate Battle flag, and its subsequent historical and social removal that I spotted this house in St. Pete with it flying still. 


It's when I see everyone wearing heavy coats and gloves at Citi Field in New York that I miss the seasons. 


Mackenzie took this shot of a kid riding his bike.  I'd like the opportunity to ask him about 3 questions.


Excellent week of walking:  I found 17 cents.


My Mets...My Mets.


Mackenzie has worked for New York Stores and Piper Fire for the past seven or eight years down here.  She has married and has 2 kids.  She is also scheduled to graduate from Saint Petersburg College with a BA in Business on December 12.  She has slogged through it with all of those irons in the fire and I couldn't be prouder. 


Norah loves Halloween.  Her costume, understandably will be Anna from Frozen.  Here she is on a recent riff talking a little ghosty ghost.


I hope there is a little warm weather up North when I return there in November.  A couple last rides would be nice.  I'm also getting Miss Frump out a little and driving her - I'll bet she loves the colder temperatures.  


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