Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FDR's Car

One more part of Warm Springs that is quite nice is the museum area before you enter the Little White House compound.  In it reside a lot of FDR-related things such as his cape, hats, outdoor furniture that was on the patio, and well, lots of stuff.  Included is the car he drove around the town and the countryside, many times without his Secret Service detail.

This is a 1938 Ford convertible.  

Because of his polio, FDR was unable to use a car in the conventional way, so he helped design a system whereby he was able to drive by himself.  As you can see the lever on the right handled the clutch and and brake.  The accelerator was depressed by hand controls up in the steering area. 

He would drive all over the are by himself with guests, his dog Fala, or his secretary and often held news conferences while in the car. 

That just about does it for the trip.  Great museum and home to visit - kind of a hidden gem, really.  

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