Friday, May 13, 2016

Flashback Friday

We swing the big ole Flashback Spotlight over to the non-Wombie bro this morning.  Back when he was a wee lad without any brothers his Father took him to knee and entertained him. 

Ha, for a while he was Master of the roost.  The only child. Coddled, shown off and enjoying the fruits of being The One.  But like I always say, Everything is Temporary.  Soon The One would be de-throned,  becoming one of Three.  If only he didn't have to compete with nature's freaks, The Twins. 

Such is the way of it.  One day you are on top, and the next, in the corner with the dog while the universe now spins around the Twins. But on this day, on Dad's lap, receiving the accolades of all; cute, and sibling-less.  You are the King.   

Happy Birthday, Phil.

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